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Exploring the interrelationship between Humanity and the Natural World, with a particular emphasis on geological phenomena and movements, this work investigates the relationships between materiality and force. Inspired by a research trip to the Isle of Skye in Scotland, I became fascinated by the geological phenomena of the Fairy Pools there, and their vivid green and blue waters. The makeup of the geology in the area gives the water in these pools a vivid green and blue hue, but as a result of the supernatural feeling this evokes, these waterfalls have also become imbued with a history of mythology, fairy stories, and folklore. This project is inspired by and explores this meeting place of science and fantasy, of knowledge and experience. Using documentary photographs, combined with drawing, I created a series of prints and sculptures that explore the meeting place of these two worlds, the space where they collide and intermingle.  

The series of wall mounted sculptures are comprised of aluminium lithography plates, these pieces hold the memory and potential of reproduced images. Crumpled, bent, folded, they have been given a new life through a different kind of interaction with the hand, allowing the material potential to emerge through an application of force, a back and forth between hand and material, creating a parallel with the movements of the earth below. This act is bound up in a constant shifting back and forth between conscious and unconscious, knowledge and ignorance, the known and the unknown, where imagination and perception are enfolded into one another to create an interrelational understanding of Nature as a meaningful whole.

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