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This piece was created as a  response to Wakefield Cathedral. Inspired by the physicality of the Cathedral’s construction, combined with the ethereal nature of light and space embodied by the building, this work focuses on the Labyrinth and the stained-glass windows as representations of these ideas. Pieces of raw stone and rock collected from a site near where the material for construction of the Labyrinth came from, have been combined with sheets of clear and coloured glass in a kiln. The glass melts and moulds around the shapes of the rocks, forming traces of impressions and shapes. This transformative process mimics the journey of the labyrinth, from inward, middle, and back outward, like the shifting states of the glass, from solid, melting, to solid, changed and formed by what it touches. This process is a reflection of the shifting states of consciousness in the meditation process that is at the heart of the Labyrinth’s journey. 

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